Paris Airshow

WFP participation at this air show came from the deep believe in the concept of that aviation industry was not just made for commercial and military uses but for a much preposition purpose of saving lives. After communicating with the air show organizers (GIFAS) and as a continuation for their support to WFP and its mandate they provided us with 18 SQM furnished space on a free of charge basis. Seniors in WFP will be present to make interviews, answer queries and meet with the exhibitors whom would exceed 2,300 companies from 48 countries, Official Delegations from more than 90 countries and more than 140,000 trade visitors. We have participated at: 2011 Le Bourget – Airshow, 2013 Le Bourget – Airshow, 2015 Le Bourget - Airshow, 2017 Le Bourget - Airshow